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Training Tips Thursday

Hey there, Happy Thursday! It’s almost the weekend…phew!

Today I wanted to offer you some of my general tips on fitness. These are just some tips that may squash some myths and pump up your current fitness regime!


1. Make exercise a part of your normal routine 

Build yourself up gradually, take a day off when needed, but just keep going! 4-5 days a week of a legitimate workout and stay active the days you take off from exercise.

2. Do what you love to do

Find what you love and what motivates you to work out! These are the things that will keep you consistent.

3. BUT- Don’t be afraid to try something new

Never lifted weights before? Recruit a friend who is seasoned in weights and ask them to show you the ropes. Or maybe you get a friend to try a new class with you… You never know until you try! Honestly- YouTube can be a great place to start to look at proper form. 

4. Carbs are not the enemy

Carbs are not evil! Carbs give you the energy you need to workout! Eat them around your workout time (before & after) to boost your workouts.  

5. You don’t have to eat less & exercise more to lose weight

Finda a balance. When you workout more, your body needs those nutrients to rebuild muscle. Restricting calories can leave your body weak. Eat foods you love, restricting foods will only make you crazy! 

6. Don’t forget to work your core

Your core muscles help everything work better when performing daily tasks, and for workouts. Keep them strong by doing planks and core exercises.

7. Compare yourself to no one- YOU are your only competition

This might be easier said than done- but you are different that anyone else and your workouts will not look the same, nor will your bodies. Keep pushing yourself and take note of the milestones you achieve. 



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  • If you had to give your favorite fitness tip-what would it be?