Why You Should Hire An Online Fitness Pro

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Today I’m going to talk about reasons you should hire an online fitness pro. I’ll be the first to say that online training is certainly not for everyone, however- it’s an awesome option for those of you who who just need some guidance and not necessarily personal sessions. Here are a few of my reasons!

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1. You get to make your own workout schedule

You’ve got your workout for the day ready- and you get to do it when you choose. No working around a personal trainers other clients or a set class time- You can get up early and do it, after work, or the evening, whatever is convenient for you!

2. Workouts don’t involve a lot of equipment!

Personally, (not every online fitness pro) if I am making online bootcamps- I’ll ask if my clients have access to equipment- if not no big deal- my workouts do a lot of body weight exercises and equipment is absolutely not required! This way you do not need a gym membership, all you need is enough room to move around!

3. You can do the workouts anywhere!

There’s no meeting a trainer at the gym & no gym requirement, so you literally don’t have to leave your house if you don’t want to. You travel for work? I bet you can do it in the hotel room! You’re busy people- with jobs, kids, appointments… The 15 minute drive to the gym, workout, 15 minute drive back can eat up a lot of your valuable time. Crank up the music and sweat it out. That being said- if you like the space at the gym and it’s convenient for you- get it done there! These are literally perfect. 

4. Connection with your fitness pro & group!

I personally make myself available via email, text, or Facebook for any questions. We can be connected pretty easily for any questions or tips! I mean my husband likes to say my phone is glued to my hand (I don’t agree ;-)) but I should easily be able to answer your questions about workouts, or advice. Also, using the group access can be great to sharing tips, videos, and healthy recipes. Something you wouldn’t get with a traditional trainer. 

5. Convenience

After all of my above points- I have to say online training is super convenient for everyone. If you were ever tempted by training with a personal trainer in the gym setting, but decided it wasn’t for you- online training might be just what you are looking for. :)

My Online Bootcamp Registration is happening now and starting March 2nd!

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