Motivational Monday

Happy Monday! I am fortunate to have half of this holiday off for some much needed catch up after working all weekend! How was your weekend?

My 10 Day Challenge group is doing awesome and it’s so fun to share workouts and recipes with a group. They have been keeping me motivated, to keep working hard to be a leader in fitness and health in other’s lives. I am still working hard for my goals, but sometimes I realize it’s hard not to get instant results…but you have to remember to keep going.



I have to remind myself every once in a while to know that each step and choice you are making is building your future. As long as I am looking towards the end result I want, it’s a bit easier to keep working hard without the instant gratification. The small things along the way like someone telling me I’m motivating them really helps to keep me going!

  • What keeps you motivated when you are working towards a goal?