10 Day Challenge

You can do anything for 10 days right? Well- that’s what I’m thinking.


After a couple weeks of not so great eating and a crazy schedule- I totally feel out of whack with my eating and workout schedule. I came up with this crazy idea to complete a 10 day challenge of easy, healthy meals, and workouts. I also had this idea of opening it up to ALL of you so that we can be a support group!

I would run this little group through Facebook so we can interact and make it easy to connect! (Of course if you don’t have Facebook, you can be updated through email! Or make a Facebook only for the group- I won’t tell!)

Basically what would happen- the challenge is set to start February 9th. This weekend I would send you a grocery list so you could be prepared for the recipes that I’ll post for the week. Don’t worry-I’m not a gourmet chef so my meals will be simple. I like to use the crockpot a lot and simple side dishes and I have other things I can share. If you are participating I would love for you to add your own healthy meals as well. It’s all about collaboration! :)

If you are interested in mixing up your meals & workouts and getting out of a rut please let me know by commenting with your email OR email me: kla3859@gmail.com

I should be able to email you and help us get connected! Let’s not let those January goals slip away… ;-)


  1. This is some great motivation for peeps looking to mix it up cuz they are BORED!

  2. Cool, Katie! We all need a little reset and refocus on healthy some times. It’s pretty awesome you’re going to take your community through it with you! Best of luck, I look forward to hearing more! :)

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