My Top Tips for Getting Fit This Year

There are so many health tips out there, do this, drink that, eat this not that…it can get so confusing! I understand I’m throwing out my own tips in here- but I want to give you 5 of the first steps I think you can make to lead a healthier life this year.

Let me also say that my version of fit and your version of fit will not be the same, I’m only contributing my tips to overall wellness. ;)

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1. Plan, Plan, PLAN. 

I mentioned this a little bit in my post yesterday, but planning is one step that can mean EVERYTHING. Sundays are MY planning day, but this might be different for you. I use my Sunday evenings to plan our evening meals (and leftovers being what I take for my lunch).

I even schedule when we will be working out. Most often I workout in the morning but when I don’t have time, I’ll try to schedule it at another time. It helps me see what I have ahead of me in the week and how to coordinate everything.

My Erin Condren planner contains my whole life!

My Erin Condren planner contains my whole life!

2. Drink More Water

Yep-simple. Almost obvious, but I bet you haven’t been drinking enough. I am probably (am) guilty myself. I’ve been trying to fill up my water bottle twice at work which helps keep me on track. Water is so important to our daily function. You might have noticed before that simply being dehydrated can make you cranky & groggy. Drink half your body weight in oz in water and you won’t have that problem!

3. Get More Sleep

I love sleep. Like LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. But, yep, sleep can be a big problem. I have been trying my best to start to shut down my electronics early and get myself in bed. (Although I do read on a Kindle, but uh, that doesn’t count?) The earlier I’ve been making an effort to get in bed, the more sleep I’ve been getting (DUH!). It’s just about making the effort to get myself ACTUALLY in bed and winding down. This method has been working out much better for me. So in conclusion, more sleep = less cranky, tired, and more likely to workout and KILL IT!

4. Explore Your Workout Options

More thank likely, I bet you might be in the same workout rut you have been in for a year. Take a chance on finding something new and try it out! You might just find a new way to mix up your fitness routine and get an even better workout regime. Who couldn’t use something different? I can get into a rut and get bored with my routine. Then I love to take new classes at the gym or try a new home workout DVD to mix it up.

5. Love What You’re Doing

Simply, love what you do. If you don’t love what you are doing- change it.  I can’t say this to myself fact saying this to myself enough this past year has caused me to make changes and LOVE the direction i’m going in. This alone has helped me lead a healthier, happier life.



Me, loving what I'm doing.

Me, loving what I’m doing.[bctt tweet="Top Tips for Getting Fit this year! #fitness #weightloss #workouts"]

  • What tips would you give on leading a healthy life this year?

If you are interested in working with me to get fit this year, fill out this contact form! I have a bootcamp starting on March 2nd!


  1. great tips! planning really is essential! I agree about my Erin condren planner haha – I don’t know what I would do without it. Also thank you for reminding me to drink some water! Finally — definitely doing what you love helps you keep at it! If you hate running don’t run — find something you genuinely enjoy doing!

  2. Great tips, planning is SO KEY!

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