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How to Begin a Workout Routine

Considering it’s the beginning of a new year, you might be starting a new exercise routine. Maybe you are new to exercise, beginning again, or just need a new routine…


This specifically will be about home workouts. These are definitely a favorite of mine because you don’t have to leave your house, always an upside in this cold weather we are having! As long as you have a a big enough space, possible a few pieces of equipment (but not necessarily), and some self-motivation.

1. Make your goals! What are you hoping to achieve? How often do you want to work out. Setting small attainable goals can be a great thing to allow you to make achievements and motivate yourself. For example, if you are just starting out, you may want to make a small goal to work out at least 3 times a week, or maybe workout for 15 minute without stopping. If you are a seasoned fitness buff you might want to make a goal to try some new workouts to vary your goals.

2. Decide what your workouts will be. Gather multiple options. There are some amazing at home exercise DVD’s out there. The best part is not even leaving your house! My newest favorite for something different is this Piyo workout. I sell some of these as well– and let me tell you, they ARE effective!For the most part I lift weights and run. This Piyo DVD has been such a good routine for me to mix into my routine. Finding a DVD that intrigues you and keeps you motivated and interested is key. I like options and having several on hand is nice to have on a day where going to the gym is something I don’t feel like doing. Jillian Michaels DVDs are also a favorite of mine! image

If a DVD isn’t your cup of tea- there are many that I like to create myself, these are great if you like to blast some music and work as fast as you want to. I make a lot of these myself that do not even require equipment. Easy enough for me to start! wpid-img_20150101_164117.jpg 3. Plan Ahead! Sounds simple enough- but plan your workouts into your schedule. When you plan ahead, it’s easier to make sure they happen. I like to think out my workouts on Sunday evenings so I know what I’m going to do during the week. image 4. Take notes of your accomplishments! Every week write down an accomplishment from the week you are proud of! Taking note of these things can motivate you to keep pushing! I love the idea of keeping achievements in a jar, and when you need some encouragement pull one out to remind yourself of things you have already achieved! Untitled (1) 5. Have fun! If you like what you are doing- you are more likely to do it. Simple as that. Find an activity you love and keep doing it!

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If you are interested in ANY of these things, feel free to contact me. I have an Online Boot Camp starting March 2nd!